Joe Simon




CNN’s - “The Wonder List” Season 3 - Cassius Kim - CNN
(An Original Documentary TV Series 2017)

“States of Change” - Bill Weir - CNN
(1 Hour Documentary Special 2017)


“The Victrix” - Gustaf Johnson - Forest and Pine
(Short Film 2019)

“The Study” - Will Bakke - Riot Studios
(Short Film- “Vimeo Staff Pick” 2018)

“The Long Goodbye” - Karl Stelter - Visual Medium // KS Studios
(Short Film 2018)

“Angus and the Boys” - Sam Cooke - Nebulous Films
(Short Film 2018)

“Freedom” - Jared Malik Royal - The Delivery Men
(Short Film 2018)

“Everything Has A Feeling” - Oskar Nelsson - The Delivery Men
(Short Film 2017)

“Low Tide” - Hussain Pirani - The Delivery Men
(Short Film 2016)

“Gerry” - Oskar Nelsson - The Delivery Men
(Short Film- “Vimeo Staff Pick” 2016)

“Day 3” - Hussain Pirani - The Delivery Men
(Short Film 2013)

“In-Between Extremes” - Joel Moody
(Short Film 2010)


Dodge - Berndt Mader - The Bear

Toyota - Oskar Nelsson - TDM

Budweiser - Oskar Nelsson - Vayner

Norwegian Cruise Lines - Oskar Nelsson - Lucky You

TD Ameritrade - Hussain Pirani - Bulldog

Takeda - Oskar Nelsson - McCann

Slow and Low - Oskar Nelsson - LAND

“Generation Robot” - Hussain Pirani - Proof
(Online Documentary Series)

Bayer Aspirin - Oskar Nelsson - BBDO

Under Armour - Hussain Pirani & Oskar Nelsson - TDM

Siete Foods - Hussain Pirani - TDM

Amawaterways - Hussain Pirani - TDM

Partial Client List -

Apple, NIKE, Redbull, Budweiser, CNN, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Dodge, Under Armour, NFL Network, Frame.IO, Mouser, TD Ameritrade, Claritin, Bayer, Oakley, Panasonic, Canon, Hansar Hotels, Exxon, IFC, Four Seasons, Seadream Cruise Lines, Remington, Travel Channel, AMD, MGM Resorts, TNT, Slow and Low Whisky, Car to Go

Production Companies -

The Delivery Men, The Bear, Lucky You, LAND, GSDM, Proof, McCann, Craft, BBDO, Metis Creative, Story and Heart, McCann, BBDO, Vayner Productions, Side Label

Directors -

D.A. Yirgou, Berndt Mador, Hussain Pirani, Gustaf Johnson, Jared Malik Royal, Will Bakke, Bill Weir, Cassius Kim, Christina Sheffey, Oskar Nelsson, Sam Cooke, Karl Karl Stelter